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Why should I have my tank cleaned?

The health of yourself and your family heavily depends on you having good quality water. Tanks can be a breeding environment for bacteria and/or disease carrying insects like mosquitos. They also can become full of decaying leaves and debris that result in a foul smelling and/or discoloured, distasteful water. Decaying bodies of pests and vermin who defy all odds and enter your tank may also be creating a health hazard. It is also very common to have a build-up of sludge on the floor of your tank that needs to be removed. The CSIRO advise if you use your tank water for showering, drinking or cooking, keeping your water clean is crucial. Even if you use your water only for the toilet or for the washing machine, it is not ideal to have unhealthy, smelly or discoloured water. Another reason to keep your tanks clean is that a build-up of sludge can cause damage to your pumping system if left unattended.

How often should I have my tank cleaned?

The CSIRO state that Standards Australia recommends that households organise the removal of sediment with a professional once every two to three years. They also comment that you probably don't want to be dealing with this water yourself and that a professional is recommended.

Can I setup a maintenance schedule?

Yes, we can return on a regular basis as directed by yourself to ensure you continue to have clean healthy tanks and water.

Does my tank need to be empty to have it cleaned?

No, in fact it is essential that there is some water in your tank. It can even be full.

My tank is empty, does that mean you can't clean it?

No. We have a water cart that enables us to put water into your tank so it can be cleaned. This obviously takes more time and resources so would come at an additional cost.

What are the benefits of having water in the tank?

It's a common misconception that you need to have an empty tank for it to be cleaned. This would be true if someone was physically required to clean the tank out with a shovel and a bucket, but thankfully there is an easier and safer way. Our vacuum pump setup can clean your tank effectively without requiring your tank to be empty or the need to physically enter your tank. This means you can even have a full tank of water and you are able to have your tank cleaned. There is no need to dump your water or put up with poor quality or contaminated water while you wait for that small window of time when your tank might be empty.

How much water should I have in my tank?

The amount of water that is sufficient to clean your tank effectively will depend on the size of your tank and the condition of the water. The more water you have, the better.

How much does it cost?

This all depends on the size and amount of debris that needs to be removed. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and if appropriate organise a site inspection in order to provide you with a quote.

What happens to the water that is pumped out?

Normally we would just pump this out to a location near the tank, but if this is not appropriate, other arrangements can be made to utilise the water elsewhere on your property or be carted away - whatever you prefer.

How far will you travel?

Currently we are servicing Benalla, Wangaratta, Myrtleford, Mansfield, Euroa, Shepparton, Kyabram, Yarrawonga and all areas in between. We are willing to travel so even if you live outside these areas please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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